Vintage Mystery Challenge 2011

Challenge Levels:

  • In a Murderous Mood: 4-6 Books 
    • The Case of the Black Twenty-Two by Brian Flynn
    • Inquest by Henrietta Clandon
    • Death in Fancy Dress by J. Jefferson Farjeon
    • The Duke of York’s Steps by Henry Wade
    • The Man Who Could Not Shudder by John Dickson Carr

Get a Clue: 7-9 Books 
Hot on the Trail:
 10-12 Books 
Capture the Criminal:
 13-15 Books 
Take ‘Em to Trial: 
16+ Books 


The Golden Age Girls*:
 Read 5-7 books from female authors from the vintage years 
Cherchez Le Homme
: Read 5-7 books from male authors from the vintage years

I’ll be going for Take ‘Em to Trial: 16+ Books 

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Featured image from Double Detective, June 1938. Artwork by Emmet Watson. Obtained from Galactic General @