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This will be my first ever year participating in reading challenges and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be taking part in the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge and The Calendar of Crime. We’ll see just how many of the 20 Commandments and Rules I can fulfill over the basic 5, and just how many months I can get. And since my focus right now is Golden Age of Detective Fiction, I’ll be going for Golden.

Even on school exams I always went for the bonus questions, so of course I’ll be attempting to complete all of the levels (past years challenges)…plus it’s so hard to choose just one!

Each challenge will have it’s own page, all of which can be found under the Reading Challenges menu, and will go live on Jan 1, 2020 (unless they’ve already started that is).

A big thanks to Bev @ MY READER’S BLOCK for all the hard work of putting this all together…and keeping track of it throughout the year!

Vintage Mystery Challenge 2020 Original post on MY READER’S BLOCK

Other Reading Challenges –

The 2020 Calendar of Crime Reading Challenge is also being hosted by Bev @ MY READERS BLOCK.

This year Rekha @ The Book Decoder has been hosting The British Crime Classics Challenge, and she’s all set to do it again in 2020.

Featured image from 10 Story Detective, Jan 1938. Artist Unknown. Obtained from