The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye by Brian Flynn

This is going to be short and, I hope, sweet. With the release of the first ten books by Brian Flynn in the Anthony Bathurst series, there have already been a number of reviews of The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye. I believe anyone of them would do it better justice to this book than I.

So, all I’m going to say about the book is…Holy Crap, I did not see that coming! Clever writing, fun and intelligent protagonist, great plot.

Thanks to The Puzzle Doctor and Dean Street Press for working so hard to bring this author back into print.

My Judgement – 4.25/5

Now for those reviews I promised you – The Puzzle Doctor, crossexaminingcrime, Dead Yesterday, and Beneath the Stains of Time

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye by Brian Flynn

  1. Yes the solution in this one is sneaky as the text makes you think you’ve spotted the trick earlier on, but then it turns out you picked up the deliberately offered red herring solution.

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