Ratings Policy

In the past, while I have always given a book a score (number of stars), I haven’t always written a review. I’ve resolved to try to provide reviews on my blog for just about everything I read from here on. How I rate these books can be found below…

5 Stars – Absolutely love this book and everything about it. A book I’d highly recommend.

4 Stars – I really enjoyed this book and recommend it without reservations.

3 Stars – While not a book that I truly enjoyed reading, or was not to my taste, it had many good points. I would recommend it with a few reservations.

Please note…I do not rate book less that 3 stars. If I feel it deserves a lower rating I will not finish it because quite frankly, it is not something that I want to read. For that reason I cannot in all honesty provide a rating of any kind. If obtained as an ARC from NetGalley or Edelweiss that site will be informed that no review is forthcoming and reasons as to why I could not finish. If purchased it will be returned.