Mini Reviews – The Black Shrouds by Constance & Gwenyth Little (1941)

Aspiring actress Diana Prescott escapes upstate New York for a boarding house in New York City and finds herself pursuing clues in the murder of two elderly residents and the disappearance of another. All while being plagued by a very handsome man, who may or may not be working for her father in a scheme to lure her home. 

This is the first of my re-reads of the Little’s “Black” mysteries. Having read them all, I can tell you that the Little’s do write to a formula made up of zany characters, bizarre occurrences, and unorthodox clues. Add one resourceful, wise-cracking damsel, who is definitely not in distress, and one equally wise-cracking male for snappy repartee, and there you have it. But it’s a formula that works for them—and for me. While the mystery is light-weight and sometimes takes a backseat to Diana’s wisecracking interactions with her father and her would-be suitor, it’s still not one where the solution will come easily to the reader. 

A light and enjoyable read. And sometimes that’s all you need, isn’t it?

My Judgment – 4/5

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