Mini Reviews – Death of an Airman by Christopher John Sprigg (1934)

George Furnace’s plane, spins into the ground in full view of witnesses, killing him on impact. Everyone believes it was a tragic accident, even though the flying instructor of the Baston Aero Club was a skilled airman. In the aftermath of the accident one of these witnesses, Edwin Marriot, the Bishop of Cootamundra, notices something strange about Furnace’s corpse which raises questions not only about when Furnace died, but how. 

This is really a delightful book—a well-crafted and lively whodunit with several plot developments along the way that add interest and depth. Its lively pace will keep readers engaged, and Sprigg provides all the clues and red herrings a seasoned mystery reader will need.

Sprigg is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine, and I think he is a writer whose novels are deserving of attention.

My Judgment – 4.25/5

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2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews – Death of an Airman by Christopher John Sprigg (1934)

    1. The bishop was fairly important in the plot, and had so very good scenes, but I too was disappointed that we didn’t get more of him. I have Fatality at Fleet Street all teed up to read next, so it will be back to Venebles, unless something else catches my fancy first.

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