Death on a Quiet Day by Michael Innes

While on a walk, David Henchmen finds a dead body. It appears to be suicide, but the appearance of a solitary walker soon after gives David reason to think otherwise. And when that stranger picks up the gun David realizes he’s the next to die and escapes across the moor.

I’ve read several of the Inspector Applebys and thought I knew what to expect…I was wrong. This was an interesting story with plenty of action, more suspense than usual, but also quite a bit more humor. Where this departed from the others is that Appleby doesn’t even come into it until well into the book. 

My only complaint, and it’s a small one that I have with every Appleby, is that sometimes the language can be overly intellectual. But I can overlook that because what kept me reading was the way the intriguing way that the story unfolded. With the addition of characters who were totally likeable, this was a fun read.

My thanks to NetGalley and Agora Books for the advance reader copy made available for my review.

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