A Conspiracy of Wolves

A Conspiracy of Wolves, sees the long-awaited return of Owen Archer, spy to the late Archbishop of York, John Thoresby in 14th century York.

Still mourning the loss of his patron and unsure of his own future, Owen is called to investigate when Hoban Swann is found dead, apparently killed by wolves. It becomes apparent that it was murder and the killer was human not beast. When another murder soon follows rumors begin to spread that wolves roam the streets of the city. Owen and those he trusts, and a few he doesn’t, must find who is behind the killings and why.

I had given up hope that there would be any more books in this series so was very excited to see a new Owen Archer. I was not disappointed! Once I started reading I found it hard to put down and finished in one day. Not only are there murders to solve, but with a new Archbishop of York, there are new political intrigues for Owen to navigate. This resulted in a plot that was intricate and kept me engaged throughout.

After a period of retirement, Owen Archer is now questioning his abilities, which gives the character more depth. Geoffrey Chaucer is back to be an often amusing thorn in Owen’s side. I really enjoyed the focus on Alisoun, her progress as a healer, questioning her instincts and learning to follow her inner voice. 

An excellent mystery, and I look forward to another sooner rather than later (please, please, please!).

Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for the advance reader copy made available for my review.

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