A Golden Grave by Erin Lindsey

A Golden Grave sees the return of Rose Gallagher in this second installment of the series. Set in 1886 New York City, six delegates are murdered at the Republican mayoral convention. Now a Pinkerton agent, Rose investigates when it appears the murders are more than they seem. She and Thomas soon find themselves mixed up in politics and murder when no less than Theodore Roosevelt becomes a target.

When I started, I was unaware that this wasn’t your basic historical mystery, but found that it had an interesting plot, with its mix of murder, the supernatural, and historical events. 

The addition of the historical characters and events was fascinating. There are appearances by prominent real life individuals of the day, Teddy Roosevelt, Samuel Clemens, and Nicola Tesla. It also touched events involving the politics of the day, and the work of Tesla in a way that made them integral to the plot

What I found distracting was the continued references to class separation. It became tiresome and added nothing to the story. I also found that Rose’s constant “I’m not good enough because I’m of a lower class” a bit tedious. 

That being said, the story was well written, and it was an entertaining read.  

My thanks to Edelweiss and Minotaur Books for the advance copy of this book for my review.

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