The White Feather Killer by R. N. Morris

The White Feather Killer sees the return of DCI Silas Quinn in this tense mystery which opens in London at the beginning of WWI. In the patriotic fervor that follows, men rush to volunteer to fight, people see spies everywhere, and women shamed young men into enlisting by giving them white feathers. 

After a patriotic rally, Eve Cardew presents a white feather to Felix Simpkins then disappears into the crowd. She is found dead the next day, with a white feather in her mouth. In an atmosphere of fear and distrust there is a rush to blame it on foreign spies. Quinn, on the sidelines of the investigation after his recent forced leave of absence and demotion, believes there is more to it, and finds a way to investigate.

What made this an interesting read for me was the character of Quinn, who is extremely complex. Not having read any of the previous books, I knew nothing of his backstory coming into this. That was not really a problem because enough information is provided along the way to give you clues to his character and relationships. I was drawn to him and his effort to come to grips with his past (both personal and professional), and the way in which his relationships evolved over the course of the story.

Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for the advance reader copy made available for my review.

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