Mr Finchley Discovers His England by Victor Canning

Mr. Edgar Finchley hasn’t had a holiday in ten years, so when he is told that he must take a proper holiday he is not quite prepared for the adventures that await him.

finchAt the outset Mr. Finchley’s intent is to spend a quiet three weeks in Margate. His plans quickly go awry when he is inadvertently kidnapped. Each day becomes a new adventure in which he meets crooks, tramps, hunchbacks, and sea captains, amongst others.

I love Edgar Finchley! In the beginning he is staid, timid, and perhaps easily intimidated. He is a man who lives by routine, but when he comes face to face with some very interesting characters and challenges he is gradually transformed into an amusing, endearing, and daring individual.

This is such a lovely story, and so well written. While it was originally written and release in 1934 it does not seem at all dated. The descriptive style of Mr. Canning is such that Mr. Finchley, the characters he comes upon, and the countryside he rides and rambles through, come alive.  It is filled with drama, some sadness, gentle humor and outright hilarity. But chiefly it demonstrates that even the smallest choice can change a life forever.

My thanks to NetGalley and Farrago for the advance digital copy made available for my review.




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