Black Death by M. J. Trow

In 1592 London, Kit Marlowe receives a plea for help from Robert Greene, an old enemy who believes someone is trying to murder him. When Greene is found dead, and other deaths follow, Marlow must to piece together clues to a mystery with an unexpected ending.

This was my first read in the Christopher Marlowe series, but it definitely will not be my last! I was immersed from beginning to end. There was a complex plot that, with the addition of historic events of the day, made it fascinating. As a keen reader of history, I especially loved the subplots of imprisonment in Bedlam, life in the theater (with several sly digs at Shaxsper!), and the impact of religion. The descriptiveness and the detail regarding the hard, and often bleak world of Elizabethan England, added just the right atmosphere and raised the story up a notch.

Kit Marlowe is a fascinating character. I loved his interactions with and responses to the other characters. He could, in turns, be affable, mysterious, charming, sly, tender, or caring. I was also enjoyed the addition of all of real-life individuals who were prominent in Marlowe’s life to act as his foils.

This is a story filled with striking period detail, mounting suspense, and riddled with dry humor. I was riveted from the beginning.

My thanks to NetGalley and Severn House for the advance copy of this book for my review

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