Breaking the Lore

From Goodreads: “How do you stop a demon invasion… when you don’t believe in magic?”

Inspector Nick Paris of the Manchester City Police is called in to investigate the murder of a fairy. Paris doesn’t believe in magic, but quickly finds himself partnered with elves, rock trolls, witches, and demons in an effort to solve the crime…and save two worlds.

After reading the description I was looking forward to this. The idea was very engaging, but the execution left a little to be desired. It was a good read, but a bit long. Very entertaining and humorous (who doesn’t like a cigarette smoking Cockney crow or a friendly demon with a dislocated buttock?), but over time the humor ran a little thin. All of the characters where engaging, and the interactions between Paris and his team (both human and magical) were interesting and I did find myself laughing out loud (see demon with dislocated buttock above). In general, I would recommend this to someone who’s looking for a light fantasy to read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Canelo for the advance digital copy made available for my review.

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